Ignite the Spirit of Adventure


Oliver Robins is a sweet little boy.
His dreams are still innocent and tender, but he likes adventure.

The Oliver Robins nursery collection is designed to ignite the spirit of adventure in your little one’s room.
Transport your child’s imagination to faraway lands, from majestic mountains to rolling hills. Our wallpapers feature stunning vistas and captivating creatures that will spark a sense of curiosity and wonder in your child. With soft colors and playful stories, the Oliver Robins collection is perfect for creating a warm and inviting space that your child will love to explore.

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Create a Warm and Exciting Space to Explore


Oliver Robins was founded in 2023 by designers Claire & Hans-Erik.
Claire is an adventurous traveler & underwater photographer with a creative mind. Hans-Erik is an industrial product designer with a specialization in men’s jewelry. In designing wallpapers they found a perfect synergy for their creative talents.

Claire & Hans-Erik were fascinated by antique wall paintings & murals that can be found in old castles, colonial mansions & canal houses. These single continuous images offer a life-size luxurious art piece without being too intrusive. This inspired them to create their first wallpaper collection in 2020, called Sir Edward. By combining old botanical drawings from the 17th-19th century with old paintings, they designed a collection of murals that complements any home.

They realized that the serene atmosphere these murals created, would also work really well for children’s rooms, so they 2021 they launched their first kids collection called Kikki Belle. Kikki Belle offers friendly stories inspired by nature in a realistic style.
Kikki Belle works now with illustrators from around to world to create unique magical worlds, and up till now enabled more than 10.000 children to immerse into the stories on their walls.

With Oliver Robins they want to offer a collection targeted on nursery rooms. Soft colors and shapes, friendly faces and playful stories.